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Legendary Saturday Nights

From 2005 … One of the first wrestlers that captured my imagination was Dr. X. He wore a mask with an ‘X’ on the forehead. I can’t remember much about him; he was mysterious. Everyone tried to take his mask off. Who was under that mask? One day Ray Stevens, Nick Bockwinkel’s tag-team partner, broke Dr. X’s leg by jumping off the top rope, an illegal move. From that day on, Ray Stevens was known as Ray “The Crippler” Stevens. Continue reading

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Snyder’s noon-time swim workout preview

From 2005 … Snyder, who endeavors to break all of his personal records in every distance every year, understands the Herculean task set before him. “Michael Phelps doesn’t set his goals this high,” Snyder said. “It’s just not realistic for most people, but since I’m not that strong of a swimmer, I can.” Continue reading

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Breaking News … Snyder smashes swim standard

From 2005 … Snyder swam the 2000-yard freestyle in 36:05, besting his old personal best of 36:23. Sharing a lane with a dude swimming the sidestroke, Snyder started out slow and managed to maintain that slow, steady pace throughout; up until the final 25 yards, when he bravely attempted to go faster. On deck observers were amazed by the final 25 kick, turnover, and distance per stroke, which left all in attendance wondering, “Why didn’t he try that earlier?” Continue reading

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Former well-to-do family selling belongings

From 2001 …Snyder noted that the two-car garage features a recently painted floor. “If people aren’t interested in buying anything, they can still stop by and see our garage floor. I put on two coats of Hunter Green. I have a lot of time on my hands, being unemployed and all.” Continue reading

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Paul gets married in downtown Richmond

From 2006 …One time we were walking across town and heard Prince rehearsing at First Avenue. The record shop guys confirmed that Prince was planning an unannounced concert that night. Paul and I got in line early. Paid the cover of $4 and waited four hours for Prince to take the stage. When he came out, he said, “Welcome to our final dress rehearsal.” Prince was taking Sheila E. and Cat to Europe for the first leg of the ‘Sign of the Times’ tour. We were 30 feet away watching Prince in a bar. Continue reading

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I think I’ll have another’n

“Say mister, which team do you want to see win this game, Tennessee or Auburn.” Now the toothless Tennessee fan from North Carolina had been very friendly, so I take my time thinking about his question. I thought he deserved an honest answer. “Well, actually, I’d kinda like to see both of them lose.”
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Rocky Mountain Snyder Family XMAS | 09

I spent most of the past year peering over my glasses to read things. So after five years with the same prescription, I got new glasses. I’m reminded of the Brian Regan line, ‘how can improving your eyesight not be at the top of your to-do list.’ I’m a bit of a procrastinator. So I’m at the liquor store picking up a little, well, liquor, and the guy working behind the counter asks me if I’ve got new glasses. And I said, “As a matter-of-fact, I did.” Then he says, “You’re one handsome dog.” Continue reading

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