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Age of Exploration Timeline

As I was finishing a book about polar explorer, Roald Amundsen, I re-watched the Martin Scorsese film, The Aviator, about Howard Hughes. It occurred to me that many of these feats tied together with other major world events and I wanted to know more, so I pieced together this timeline. Amundsen was a ship captain, but he was also an early adopter and learned how to fly a plane. These eras of exploration fascinate me. They were willing to lay it all out of the line. Amazing stories of courage in an amazing time of technological advances in the world. Continue reading

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Tour de Cure Italian-Style

Me and the team doctor rented bikes, so I could ride on Tour de Cure day. Fortunately, for me, he enjoys reading maps and figuring out routes. We tooled along the very narrow, two-lane road with no shoulder for only a little while before we found access to a riverside trail. We encountered a number of fishermen and we stopped and took a picture. We went south on the trail for a little while, going by all kinds of cool, old farm buildings, wineries, kiwi farms and more. Continue reading

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Planes, Trains and Automobiles

I arrived in Venice at 11 a.m. after flights from the Springs to Atlanta, then Amsterdam, than Venice, which took 20+ hours. When I emerged with my bags, there was no one waiting for me. No one wearing a credential and a walkie-talkie, no one holding a sign. There was no one there. So I decided to take action, like Teddy Roosevelt. I told a lady at a counter that I needed to get to Verona. She said simple. You take a bus to the train station, train to Verona. No problem. Continue reading

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It’s Over, I Quit

I’m just trudging along and this couple of senior citizens comes up from behind. They are both decked out in colorful running garb with compression socks and arm sleeves. He gets my attention. I take out an earbud. He asks, “Has you pack sprung a leak or are you just sweating?”
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To the Camp

The trail gets very rocky closer to the camp. At one point the entire trail was covered in a moving stream of water, which was a little confusing because the snow cap on the mountain top was already melted. Nature, you’ve got to love it. Even closer to the camp you start to see white stones in the trail and there’s also a fence. Lots of little rock steps and then you see the framed out wood bridge over a little creek leading to the camp bunkhouse. I checked my watch as I crossed the bridge for the first time in years. Continue reading

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Niles Crane

Right from the get-go his right leg is violating my internationally-recognized leg space. Heat is building between us and the closer-than-close proximity. Do I tell him to move his fucking leg? No. I do one better. I shoot him several perturbed glances both at him and his offending leg. Continue reading

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I Got Nowhere Else to Go

The next Monday it was a different story. No thunderstorm warnings, but rain was a distinct possibility. I threw caution to the wind, winds?, and took off for home. No weather is going to slow me down. About halfway home I get caught with my pants down … I mean, not literally … I wasn’t even wearing pants so to speak … I was wearing shorts. I proceeded to get pounded by a torrential downpour, because that’s the only kind of downpour there is … torrential. Just completely hammered and not in a good way. Continue reading

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