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The Thing I’m Doing This Year #12

I went to a Tour de Cure fundraiser at Ivywild on Tuesday, May 13. Ivywild is an old elementary school that was repurposed by Colorado Springs’ brewing masters, Bristol Brewing, an amazingly community oriented company that produces Laughing Lab, Compass and many other great beers.

Why get involved with a charity? Well, this evening provided an easy way to get involved: one dollar per pint went to the American Diabetes Association.

A great night for me. Mainly due to Carrie Simison. She told me that she was reading my ‘new blog series.’ And she mentioned me at the door. Both of those moments made me feel really good. We’ve never met, but we follow each other on Twitter. She is the general manager at the Independent and sat with my boy, Jack Black Ward, the Indy’s marketing director. When I worked at the Fine Arts Center, my first two meetings were with the folks at KRCC and the Independent, my personal favorite media resources in town. It was good to finally get to meet Carrie. I hope she decides to ride in the event.

I spent most of the night with Lauren Graham, who served on my planning committee when I was the ride chair and who now works as the director of the Southern Colorado ride. Time well spent.

On Wednesday, May 14, I hopped on the stair machine. I thought I had it dialed in to post a personal best, but two-thirds of the way in I am basically lying on the arm bars and handles. I’m all played out. Then with eight minutes left, I figure out that I’m not going to beat 220 floors. At that discovery, I discover a new gear. Once again I’m amazed at the mind-over-matter-ness of how your mind can get your body to do stuff. Once I thought I was going to fall short, I stood up straight, turned up the levels and started to crank.

I was struggling, but I was revived. I ended up doing 232 floors, dropped 661 calories and nearly covered five miles in 47 minutes.

It should be mentioned that the machines aren’t accurate. If you gave me 47 minutes, I seriously doubt I could cover five miles. Bottom line … how do you get to that mindset? How do you maintain that mindset?

How do you get your mind right?

The next installment … “A Bike Ride with Other People”

I’m doing the Tour de Cure this fall.
For more information, to join or donate, go here.

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