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The Mystery of the Ohno Diaries

Apolo Anton Ohno is one of my all-time favorite Olympians. I feel like I got to watch him grow up from a young man into an Olympic legend. He may be the most mentally-focused athletes I’ve encountered. I got to know him a bit when I produced his first website. I probably saw Apolo compete more than any other winter Olympian. I was there when he crashed and earned the silver in 2002 and when he won the 500-meters in Torino in 2006. I was also there when things didn’t go his way in Torino. I stood in the chaotic mixed zone after the competition and the USOC press officer put him directly in front of me. I was so impressed with how he handled that situation. He had become the Peaceful Warrior. Continue reading

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What it feels like to dive off the 10-meter

I guess I personally already knew what it was like to dive off the 10-meter when we put this article together (One of my interns did a couple of these interviews). I remember jumping off the high dive at the neighborhood pool in Crystal, Minn. I think one of my sisters was watching. I jumped and started holding my breath right away; it took forever to get to the water. This was produced in 2003; I was in the aquatic center in Sydney when Laura Wilkinson won her gold medal in 2000. Continue reading

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16 Minutes of Glory

Written for Splash magazine in 1998. While the title echos Bud Greenspan’s 16 Days of Glory, read this article channeling about the announcer from all those old NFL Films videos about the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. It will be funnier that way. Continue reading

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