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Q&A: Jennie Finch on her recent whirlwind and pioneers

After the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, the next big thing to hit the U.S. Olympic Team website was a wave of traffic to view our Jennie Finch photo galleries. She was just voted ‘Hottest Female Athlete’ by a ESPN Page 2 poll, based on a couple ESPY Awards red carpet photos. I put together a gallery of Finch softball images and the thing blew up. I interviewed her one-on-one in the USOC press room at the 2003 Pan American Games in Santo Domingo. I loved the fact that she told each story like it was the first time. Continue reading

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Q&A: Misty Hyman on Chile, Eleanor Roosevelt, the comeback

I interviewed Misty in December 2002 about her life following her win over Australian Susie O’Neill at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. Watching Misty win that race gave me a sense of what pure joy feels like, especially with her shocked, happy reaction. Before the Games, the coaches told me that Misty was looking great in practice, so I told reporters that she was going to break a lot of hearts. I ended up looking like Nostradamus to many in that work room. One of my favorite swimmers and people. Continue reading

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