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Funny things I said after my concussion … the director’s cut

On Thursday I crashed my bike. I hit my head on the ground and got a concussion. The biggest dust up occurred when Rose, apparently getting a kick out of my inability to remember things, asked me who is the quarterback of the Broncos. I said Tim Tebow. Rose said, no, we traded him to the Jets. Me: “WHAT? WHY WOULD WE TRADE TIM TEBOW?” Continue reading

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The Bug in my Shirt

The other day I was riding my new bike and I was a little mad. The back tire needed air; it felt like the tire was made out of silly putty and it was moving side-to-side on this bumpy trail. Plus, it was really hot out, so I unzipped my cycling shirt to let in some cool air, but instead something fell out of a tree into my shirt. I didn’t know what it was at first. But then it started moving.
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