What Makes Sam So Exceptional

A Brief Excerpt from a Much Larger Work

Sam is exceptional in many ways. He is a non-stop, all-fun, one-man wrecking crew of a boy. He is seven-years-old. He has an infectious laugh and a sunny personality. If you are feeling low, he will try to cheer you up. He will try to make you laugh. He is concerned about others.

He is about the friendliest kid you are ever going to meet. Whenever I take him anywhere, he finds someone to play with and if there isn’t a boy or girl his age, he’ll find a little baby and try to make that baby smile … usually by bonking himself on the head and falling down. Babies love that one.

He has a great way of knowing what is funny. He’ll pick out the funniest line from a kid show or a movie and deliver it at just the right moment. One day we were lying in bed and I was being a little bit grumpy. He looked at me and said, “Joanie loves Chachi,” just like Ben Stiller from the movie, “Dodgeball.”

Whenever he does “The Face,” it always gets a laugh.

Sam and I have been reading together for a couple years now and I think he is exceptional at reading his books. He is exceptional at doing sound effects for virtually every weapon ever built or imagined. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of video games. I think it’s amazing how he can start playing a game for the first time and figure out everything you need to know without ever reading the instructions.

This past summer he played YMCA baseball with his sister, Gina. We found out that he is a great switch hitter and he has a strong arm.

I think Sam will bring back break dancing. He has forged his own style that brings together the best parts of martial arts with the street moves of hip-hop. You might want to clear the dance floor when Sam starts to bust a move.

Sam is considerate. For trick or treating on Halloween, Sam had the greatest costume. He was ‘The Phantom.” He wore a dark hood with glowing, sinister red eyes. He got a lot of good comments, but at a one house he actually scared a little girl, so he bent down and let her know that it was okay … that it was just a costume. When we got to Andy’s house at the end of the block, Sam was about ready to get home and start eating his candy, but when our elderly neighbor Andy came to the door, Sam didn’t say, “Trick or Treat.”

He said, “Hi Andy!” and after he got his candy, he said, “Thanks Andy, happy Halloween.”

I think Sam is awesome.

Sam’s Dad
Charlie Snyder

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