Cobra Kai Attack

The Thing I’m Doing This Year #10

Early, early, early. I did my second hike to the incline sign today and I didn’t start until 11 a.m. That’s not early in anyone’s book. I’m dumb. There’s that saying, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” But the only way that works is if you get up early.

I’ve rested. Haven’t worked out for two days. But because I didn’t get on the trail early, I pay for it. In the first 10 minutes of the hike, I encounter over 100 hikers heading down the trail. Not a formula for success. Here’s the thing, Colorado Springs, stop hiking on the Incline. It is no longer a significant physical feat, I firmly believe that any idiot can do the Incline and I base that on all the idiots I see on Barr Trail. They don’t make any effort to accommodate other hikers.

Young people, dogs, the whole nine.

random dude

I saw 25-30 guys hiking down and they were all carrying a car battery. I asked one of them what was going on and he claimed that they were Marines in training. Maybe they were Lil’ Marines because they all looked 12-16 to me.

I felt sluggish even with the two days of rest. I never felt it. In fact, at one point, I stepped to the side of the trail to rest for 30 seconds and felt light-headed. Not good. It was the same feeling that you get from standing up from a squatting position. But I never squatted. It just happened.

I got to the incline sign about three minutes slower than last time.

On the way down, a dude in jeans sped past me, utters no words, makes no effort to share the trail, just blazes down the trail. A couple seconds later, an 80-pound dog, moving just as fast as his owner, clips my knee, nearly takes me out.

I yell, “JESUS CHRIST” as loud as I can as the dog gives chase with his leash hanging from his neck dragging behind him.

I thought I had been attacked by the Cobra Kai.

A highlight on the rundown was the song, “Times Like These.”

“I am a new day rising.”
“It’s times like these you learn to live again.”

#FooFighter #RedRider #AssKickers

I need to lose some weight. Nine pounds. That’s a mini-goal.

The next installment … “Another Round of Bloodletting”

I’m doing the Tour de Cure this fall.
For more information, to join or donate, go here.

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