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Duomo di Milano

I’ve been in a bunch of old churches. This one is especially grim and awesome, but grim because they have chosen to place a large emphasis on martyred saints. In fact, the most famous statute in the entire church … there are over 3,000 statutes decorating the interior and exterior … but the most famous sculpture is called “Saint Bartholomew Flayed,” created in 1562, which depicts the saint with “his flayed skin thrown over his shoulders like a stole,” a line I lifted from Wikipedia. So, you know, it’s kind of grim. Continue reading

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Tour de Cure Italian-Style

Me and the team doctor rented bikes, so I could ride on Tour de Cure day. Fortunately, for me, he enjoys reading maps and figuring out routes. We tooled along the very narrow, two-lane road with no shoulder for only a little while before we found access to a riverside trail. We encountered a number of fishermen and we stopped and took a picture. We went south on the trail for a little while, going by all kinds of cool, old farm buildings, wineries, kiwi farms and more. Continue reading

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Planes, Trains and Automobiles

I arrived in Venice at 11 a.m. after flights from the Springs to Atlanta, then Amsterdam, than Venice, which took 20+ hours. When I emerged with my bags, there was no one waiting for me. No one wearing a credential and a walkie-talkie, no one holding a sign. There was no one there. So I decided to take action, like Teddy Roosevelt. I told a lady at a counter that I needed to get to Verona. She said simple. You take a bus to the train station, train to Verona. No problem. Continue reading

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