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The Pre-Century Journals: The Final Four Weeks

I tried to blow a snot rocket. Usually, I’m really good at doing that, but earlier this week one snot rocket ended up under my glasses and along my cheekbone, presumably due to my head cold and the lack of viscosity. Today, I blew one and immediately knew I had misfired. I checked my shoulder, my shirt, and my face; then much to my dismay, I discovered that the snot rope, by this time 10 inches long, was still connected to my nose, swinging to and fro. It was more of a snot kite than snot rocket. I had to employed the ‘pinch and fling’ method of removal. Continue reading

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Funny things I said after my concussion … the director’s cut

On Thursday I crashed my bike. I hit my head on the ground and got a concussion. The biggest dust up occurred when Rose, apparently getting a kick out of my inability to remember things, asked me who is the quarterback of the Broncos. I said Tim Tebow. Rose said, no, we traded him to the Jets. Me: “WHAT? WHY WOULD WE TRADE TIM TEBOW?” Continue reading

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