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The Art ForgerThe Art Forger by Barbara A. Shapiro
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“A highly entertaining literary thriller about fine art and foolish choices,” said Parade, so naturally I was drawn to it. I found the book as part of a service that I subscribe to, Bookbub, that sends me daily discounted books. In this mystery, a talented, young artist is asked to forge an actual Degas masterpiece that was stolen as part of the largest unsolved art theft in history. Lots of behind-the-scenes from the art world, art forging and technique with many layers, twists and turns, which Publishers Weekly called “delightful.”

I, of course, liked the book because it was set in the art world. The lead character was interesting. She has a friend on the inside of the museum and I like the look inside the museum. I also liked learning about the processes used to replicate the look-and-feel of an old master’s work. The book was fun.

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