My Favorite Videos … 2015

Here are my favorite videos that I posted on Facebook in 2015. Three are about movies, two feature drones, music, and human achievement and there is one about genocide, the moon, bunnies and a TED talk about a kindergarten in Tokyo. If you were just going to watch one, I’d watch the mountain biker from Red Bull (that one is insane).

My Favorite Books … 2015


U2: Sweetest Thing

Auschwitz: Drone video of Nazi concentration camp

The Moon: Like you have never seen it before

Bill Murray: Nick Ocean from SNL 40

Kirk & Spock: Because you are my friend

Himalayas: Drone footage from 20,000 feet

Tokyo School: Best kindergarten you’ve ever seen

Karate Kid: Daniel-san was the real bully

Dylan & Cash: Girl from the North Country

DJ Pollyfonika: Woman flees bunny stampede

American Ninja Warrior: Someone finally completes it

Outside: Mountain biker rides across slackline

My Favorite Books … 2015

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