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My Review | Van Gogh: The Life

I wrote a review of “Van Gogh: The Life” several years back, after attending a presentation by the Pulitzer Prize-winning authors Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith at the Denver Art Museum. Well, people on Goodreads started ‘liking’ my review. It started with someone from Slovakia, and then a Van Gogh scholar and art historian from the Netherlands liked it. Today, 84 people from 24 countries have liked my Van Gogh book review on Goodreads. Continue reading

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Amazing stories from the age of exploration and discovery

This era of exploration and discovery fascinate and inspire me. These individuals were willing to lay it all out of the line. Names like Amundsen, Hughes, Ernest Shackleton, George Mallory, Wiley Post, Charles Lindbergh, Neil Armstrong, Amelia Earhart, Chuck Yeager, Edmund Hillary, and Henry Worsley. This timeline connects these amazing stories of courage from an exciting period in world history. Continue reading

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Eric Heiden 25: An exclusive interview

In February of 2005, I produced a three-part series of stories celebrating Eric Heiden’s five individual gold medals in 1980 for the U.S. Olympic Team website that I managed for the U.S. Olympic Committee. With this story I interviewed Eric on the 25th Anniversary of his monumental Lake Placid Olympic Winter Games. Continue reading

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Soronan Desert Snyder Family Letter | 20

Our year has been terrible like everyone else. The kids lost jobs, had opportunities taken away and had anxiety throughout the year and fear about the future. And more. But there have been many bright spots, namely, Rosemary. She’s been a bright spot for our family. Continue reading

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My Favorite Books of 2020

Here are my favorite books from the past few years, including fiction and non-fiction. Continue reading

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My Review | On Writing

I’ve read a few Bukowski books, starting with “Notes of a Dirty Old Man,” which was probably my favorite. I’ve learned a bit about his storied life. I thought this book was going to be like the two books on writing I’ve read from Ernest Hemingway and Stephen King. It’s not. It is a series of repetitious letters to his magazine editors, dated from 1945 to 1993. Continue reading

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My Review | The Narrow Road to the Deep North

The book earned the 2014 Man Booker Prize, given to the best novel written in English, published in the UK. I’ve read plenty of the previous winners including “The God of Small Things,” “Amsterdam,” “Life of Pi,” “The Sense of an Ending,” and “Lincoln of the Bardo.” Continue reading

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