I Think I Cut a Nerve

The Thing I’m Doing This Year #5

So the calves were hurting, so I got on the treadmill at the Y that has a descent grade of negative three percent on Monday. I figured all the pain and soreness from running down the mountain comes from, you know, running down the mountain. Maybe walking on a treadmill at a negative grade could help?

I think it would have been more helpful to do that before the calves were sore.

On Tuesday, I went to the ADA’s Tour de Cure ‘Thank You and Kick Off’ Dinner at the Space Foundation. Every year I seriously consider not doing the Tour; I got other things I’d like to concentrate on. I don’t like asking friends and family for money over and over. Then I go to one of these events and I get fired up to it again, to do better at team building and fund raising. I want a bigger team and I want team jerseys. Plus, it’s always good to see Kelly and Lauren, Sam and Allen.

I spoke to a woman who has Type I Diabetes. She’s never done the ride. I told her about the fun of ride day and my plans for the 2014 SnydeRemarks Ruff Riders and she immediately bought in. Maybe the team will be bigger this year. I signed up a new team member at the Kick Off Dinner, where I accepted the award for top “Friends and Family” team for the third straight year.

If you’d like to support my 2014 ride, give here.

Friday I hiked to the top of the W’s, dropped a minute. On Sunday, no calf pain, so I hiked again. On Sunday, I got to the top of the W’s in 37:28, not a record, but a totally respectable time, dropping 3 ½ minutes. Like a total tool, I carried a stopwatch with me (I lost my triathlon watch.) But carrying the stopwatch allowed me to keep track of my intervals and that makes me go faster. When I see that I have 60 seconds to my next break I go faster. I develop a discipline to the interval. The time goes by quicker and it focuses my mind and the hike in tiny, manageable bite-size chunks.

I went a little past the W’s, then fly down the mountain (well, my version of flying) and I’m feeling pretty good. I mean I was feeling it in my shins, but nothing too bad.

Cut to Monday night, I’m done watching the NBA playoffs for the night, time to get off the couch and go to bed. I stand up and immediately notice something terribly wrong with my right foot. It feels like someone has pounded a nail right into the top of my foot. I can’t put any weight on it. I’m experiencing a stigmata. I hobble to the kitchen, trying to play it off. I have about five more of these stabbing pains in the kitchen.

I keep picturing Ricky Bobby. “I think I cut a nerve.”

Sometimes stuff gets out of alignment. Sadly, I’ve experienced stabbing pains before. Maybe this won’t hurt in the morning. I make my way upstairs.

Now what?

The next installment … ‘Where Eagles Fly’

I’m doing the Tour de Cure this fall.
For more information, to join or donate, go here.

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