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The Thing I’m Doing This Year #21

i-doOn June 19, I announced to my family and friends that I was riding in the Tour de Cure again. I tied the announcement to the 100-days-out mark and tried to explain why I keep doing the event.

There are two main reasons. I don’t do it to find a cure. I know, I’m a bad volunteer. That’s too bold and abstract for me. I keep fundraising because of the overwhelming need for education and awareness. So many people could avoid this disease or catch it early before the diagnosis is bad, but they don’t get tested or take the precautions that would help. It really is a worldwide issue.

The second reason is more selfish. Participating helps me feel connected to my community, makes me feel like I’m contributing. The day of the ride is always one of the best days of the year.

Since I started this journey, I’ve raised $10,000. All thanks to you.

Here’s where you go to give or join my team …


sam and dadMy son joined my team. I wrote him a welcome note, like I do with all new team members. I wrote: I am so excited that you will be riding this year. It’s going to be an even better event because you are doing it. Let me know if you have any questions about anything … the event, training, fundraising, girls, you know, whatever. I’m not just your father now; I’m your captain.

Welcome aboard, Dad.

Here’s where you go to give to Sam …


rapidsThe ADA loves me because I show up. If you are providing free food and drinks, I’ll be there. So when I had the opportunity to go to a Colorado Rapids game and enjoy a free meal, I went. Then they introduced a few Tour de Cure fundraisers at halftime. Here’s a picture of me on the scoreboard at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park.


I participated in Bike to Work Day in Colorado Springs. I like taking selfies for Instagram because by using all of those filters and photo tricks I can make myself not look like myself.

top fundraiserFor Bike to Work Day, I busted out a rare “Top Fundraiser” jersey, something not too many people can do. On that day, and on most days, the weather turned for the worst in the afternoon. I wrote on Facebook, “The clouds in the sky don’t seem to be aware that Colorado Springs is celebrating Bike-to-Work-and-Then-Back-to-Home Day.”

I’ve been biking to work a few times a week. One day as I stepped out of my office, I was hit with a serious gale force, Wizard-of-Oz-in-black-and-white wind and pelts of rain, before I even got on my bike. On the ride home, it was stormy, cloudy, ugly, windy and rainy. I even saw some lightning strikes. For a while there I was worried about seeing some flash flooding … in my pants.

The next installment … “Good Job, Old Man”

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