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Back home in Minneapolis, I loved getting the StarTribune Arts and Entertainment section on Sunday and reading interesting, in-depth articles about books, films, art, culture, trends, issues and more. The StarTribune was always good for at least one Prince mention. But not everyone has an A&E section in their hometown paper, due to the crazy nature of the newspaper industry. Many have succumbed to just covering the celebrity/reality corner of the A&E world. Or running wire service stories. It’s hard to find original, staff written articles; they must hold those articles for the print edition. Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance on SNL was the lead story most places. Here are some things I found:

  • Book Review: Humphrey Bogart was no superheroPost-Gazette
  • Special Section: Exploring the new wing of the MFA | Boston Globe
  • Interview: Technology visionary Douglas Rushkoff |
  • Art Preview: Karl Unnasch’s “Suspension of This Belief” | Minnesota Daily
  • Conjecture: Why Alec Baldwin should replace Olbermann |
  • Spring Arts: Festival of the Arts focuses on Paris 1910-1920 | Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Classical: Six new or rarely heard works on Colorado horizon | Denver Post
  • Films: A golden age of foreign films, mostly unseen | New York Times
  • SNL Digital Shorts: ‘Shots’ with Andy and Pee Wee |
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