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Top 50 Books to Read Next List

This is my reading list. What I’ve read, what I’m reading, what I’m going to read next. As an English major, I feel that it my sworn duty to at least attempt to be well read. My goal is to read interesting, entertaining, meaningful books by gifted authors and expand my mind. Continue reading

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Duomo di Milano

I’ve been in a bunch of old churches. This one is especially grim and awesome, but grim because they have chosen to place a large emphasis on martyred saints. In fact, the most famous statute in the entire church … there are over 3,000 statutes decorating the interior and exterior … but the most famous sculpture is called “Saint Bartholomew Flayed,” created in 1562, which depicts the saint with “his flayed skin thrown over his shoulders like a stole,” a line I lifted from Wikipedia. So, you know, it’s kind of grim. Continue reading

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Kandinsky and More Kandinsky

ShareTweet The Thing I’m Doing This Year #26 Over eight days in late July I took in two beach events in Long Beach and Milwaukee. Nice and warm in California, an event featuring all the superstars of beach volleyball. I … Continue reading

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Am I a Phony?

One of the great things about my job is that I get to travel and when I’m in a new town, I find the cool coffee place, bookstore or restaurant. But in some towns, I don’t have to look too hard. I knew for months before heading to Chicago that I was going to go to the Art Institute. Continue reading

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My Review of Catch-22, an all-time classic

On some Top 100 lists for the greatest fiction ever written, Catch-22 is ranked top 10 and even top five, so why didn’t I like it? And what is the connection between Catch-22 and M.A.S.H.? I get to the bottom of it with my review. Continue reading

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A Show Like This Redefines an Artist

At the February Members Preview for Terry Maker: Reckoning, a standing-room only crowd filled the Music Room to hear the artist explain her influences and the motivation for her work. The audience was a mix of FAC members, family and friends of the artist, gallery owners and curators, and three prominent artists from the FAC’s permanent collection. Continue reading

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The Eric Bransby Mural

ShareTweet While a student of muralist Thomas Hart Benton in the middle of the Great Depression, Eric Bransby painted his first mural as part of the WPA program in Kansas City. He then served his country in World War II … Continue reading

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