Rocky Mountain Snyder Family XMAS | 1999

Dear Friends and Family:

The 1990s will be remembered for many things for many people. For the Snyder family of the Rocky Mountains, we will remember the 1990s as the decade our family was born.

On Aug. 18, 1999, Sam Andrew Snyder was born. He’s very, very handsome. Looks just like his father. He gave us a scare when he was less than a week old. On his sixth day we took him to the routine few-days-after-birth doctor’s appointment. We thought it was important to mention the fact that we had noticed Sam flinching every once in a while.

Our doctor saw him flinch.

Turns out what we called “flinching,” doctors call, “having a seizure.” What a day that was. He had a calcium deficiency and he is fine.

So we’ve got Sam (he’s four months), and Gina Maria (she’s 19 months) and Carli Rose (she’s 57 months). So, if you are wondering what happened to that exciting vacation this year, well, we have three kids under the age of five. Everyday is an exciting vacation from our senses.

People ask me if I call the baby Sam or Sammy. I just call him, ‘the boy.’ He smiles and laughs. He likes being held. Doesn’t like the binky. Loves his sisters. Right now he’s kind of like Ghandi … not really into material possessions; doesn’t watch a lot of TV; doesn’t have a lot of hair. He’s a good sleeper.

“Little Rosemary.” Her vocabulary is exploding lately. She pointed to a book the other day and said, “Mama.” I said, “Oh, do you want me to read that to you?” She nodded yes and said, “Mama, Do You Love Me?” That’s the name of the book. She is fearless, physical and protective. She’s pretty funny too. Likes Barney, Tele-Tubbies, Blue’s Clues and mandarin oranges.

She has a personal relationship with the Lord. One night when she was going to bed, she explained to Rose and I all about “the love.” The next day I drove Carli to school and asked, “I think it’s great that God talks to you, but how come he doesn’t talk to me or your mom?” She replied, “He does, you just don’t hear him because he speaks quietly from heaven.” She likes dancing, Barbie and Pokemon. She’s only four, but sometimes you’d swear she was 14. Talented and smart. Thoughtful and caring.

Rose is quitting her job to stay home with the kids beginning in February. That phrase, “Today is the first day of the rest of my life,” is such a cliche, but it’s very true for Rose right now. She’s been pregnant for the better part of the ’90s. And sure, that’s a glorious thing, but enough is enough. She’s not pregnant now and won’t be any time soon. Turns out tube-tying only adds two minutes to the c-section procedure. While she’s not going to work, she’ll still be working; Gina will see to that!

Not much all that exciting happened to me this year. My dad, 82-years-young, was elected Resident Board President at his apartment complex. Another guy was running uncontested and the complex manager asked my dad to enter, so that there’d be a race. Dad ran a campaign based on the issues, like installation of new garage doors, the elimination of slippery steps and better ventilation in the bingo hall. Believing that the time has come from serious campaign reform, Dad did not accept any ‘soft money’ or any PAC money, although the boys from his old FMC union kicked in a sizable amount of cash.

Anyway, he initially lost the election, 9-6, but the other guy cheated. There were only nine votes to be cast. The other guy stuffed the ballot box! Once there was a recount, Dad won. My parents had a mixed reaction to the results. Dad was happy, but Mom didn’t appreciate being thrust into the media spotlight as First Lady.

Merry Christmas.

With love from the Snyder’s

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