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Family and Friends:

Welcome to the 2000 Snyder Family Christmas Letter. The big news … we didn’t have anymore kids this year.

No new kids … but we are still raising the ones we do have. Apparently, that’s going to go on for a while.

We did have some news in 2000. Both Rose and I quit our jobs. In March, Rose retired to a life of leisure, staying home with the kids, eating bon-bon’s and watching Oprah, while the pressure of providing for our entire family fell upon my narrow shoulders. This scenario worked so well, we abandoned it by May Day. We had a misconception. We thought if Rose stayed home, life would slow down.

That didn’t happen. In fact, Rose’s workday grew and grew and the pay was horrible.

So she began to freelance, giving workshops to Local Swimming Committees around the country in fun places like Seattle, Hilton Head and Honolulu.

I took care of all three kids for two long weekends in a row. I felt like I was some kind of hero. John McCain had nothing on me. But then I thought about it a little. Rose had taken care of all three kids for 19 straight days when I went to the Olympics in Sydney; then I thought about it a little longer. My mom watched all of us kids by herself when my dad was working two jobs … for 10 years!

So then I figured that maybe I’m not as big of a deal was my wife or my mom.

And then I quit my job. I saw the movies, “American Beauty” and “Office Space,” both in a matter of a week and that was it; I quit. I went to a startup, I’ve had a few titles already, but the one we’re using this week is Chief Executive Producer. Pretty fancy, huh? That just means I write articles, interview people, think up stuff and look at wrestling sites all day — pretty much the same stuff I use to do.

True a few Internet ventures have gone belly up … okay, most of them have … but I have a back-up plan.

Foot Locker’s fast track, managerial training program. If everything works out all right, I could be back in the polyester referee shirt by March Madness, a big month for shoe sales.

But so far everything is going great. I am working with two of my favorite people, Audrius Barzdukas and Scott Allen. We have a little office near downtown and we’re having fun making the attempt.

I did make a few notable trips this year: Athens, Greece; Zurich, Switzerland; and Sydney, Australia.

Rose is still at home, but has a new career path for herself. With the encouragement and advice from a couple movers-and-shakers from the Center for Creative Leadership and the National Center for Non-Profit Boards, Rose got certified in giving the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and will begin taking courses for her Master’s degree in Organizational Management.

I try to be supportive by saying things like, “I bet you think you’re smarter than me now,” and “These kids aren’t going to raise themselves.” Stuff like that. It’s important to be positive.

I’m proud of Rosemary. She’s always talked about getting her Master’s degree and now she’s enrolled at the University of Phoenix in Colorado Springs, been pre-tested and picked out new school clothes.

Rose presented at the USA Swimming convention in October. At the Friday night banquet, she was given a Life Membership and received a standing ovation from the audience of 600.

About Carli Rose
Will turn six on March 23

She wants to be a horse trainer when she grows up. In her first semester of kindergarten, Carli made the honor roll and was runner-up in a class vote for the Amazing Astronaut award. She’s the only kid in her class doing the Accelerated Reader program.

Carli loves Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego; does gymnastics, ballet, swimming, and Daisies, a radical, splinter group of the Girl Scouts. She’s so thoughtful; she’s everything you could ever want in a daughter.

About Gina Maria
Will turn three on May 15

She is independent and loves “The Tigger Movie” and the sand box at day care. She knows her ABCs, 1,2,3s, shapes and colors. Likes to call Carli “Brah-brah” for some reason. Her hair always looks good even if she just got up. She’s very beautiful.

Once she went to gymnastics and put her mom in the hospital. She listens to her¬†inner voice that, invariably,¬†leads her to the deep pit of spongy, blue cubes. Rose, reaching down into the pit over and over to pluck Gina up, aggravated her belly-button hernia. Rose’s string of consecutive years with at least one operation is still in tact.

About Sam Andrew
Will turn two on Aug. 18

He is the best hugger. Big grinner. Likes to pound on his daddy. We are so glad that we have this little guy. He is quite an addition to the family dynamic. He is a non-stop player. He picked out his own pumpkin this year at a real-live pumpkin patch. He has a big vocabulary, but doesn’t seem to recognize the word, ‘no’ … no matter how loud you yell it. He already is more mechanical than her father, having taken apart the VCR in the den.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2001.

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