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The Moth Presents Occasional Magic: True Stories about Defying the ImpossibleThe Moth Presents Occasional Magic: True Stories about Defying the Impossible by Catherine Burns
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The title says it all. These stories are unbelievable, but true-life stories, told by real people on stage in front of an audience at live storytelling events from The Moth. From the editors … “Occasional magic refers to those moments of beauty, wonder, and clarity, often stumbled upon, where we suddenly see a piece of truth about our life. As Moth directors we spend our days helping people shape their stories. We help people identify the most important moments of their lives (as we sometimes put it, “the moments when you became you”) so the audience will understand why they mattered so much.”

The first story is about a woman who is assaulted by a mime and how she got her revenge. At the end, she writes “That was the day that I got in touch with my other side.” The second story was about a man who’s dad robbed banks. Each story is well-told and each one had me thinking, “No way.” A doctor doing delicate surgery on the son of a bad guy, who demanded the operation at gunpoint. And with each story, you are provided with the backstory and bio of the storyteller.

I loved this compilation of true and inspirational stories that remind you that everyone has a backstory, everyone is dealing with something and most people are more than meets the eye.

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