My First Injection … The Video

Today I went to a great seminar called Thriving with Diabetes.

I had my friend Lauren show me how to inject my new medicine and I knew you would want to see, so I had another friend film it. Then I learned how to embed YouTube videos on my blog … both were painless. Go here to see “My First Injection … The Video,” then come back to this email.

Lauren said that I harpooned myself, but I was under the misconception that I had to get the needle through that wall of steel.

I also wanted to share with you My Favorite Horoscope …

PISCES (Feb. 19 — March 20): It won’t be enough to simply maintain your current levels of strength, clarity and intelligence in the coming weeks. To stay healthy, to keep up with the rapidly evolving trends swirling in and around you, you will have to actively push to get stronger, clearer and smarter. No pressure, right? Don’t worry, the universe will be conspiring to help you accomplish it all. To trigger the boost you’ll need, imagine that you have a reservoir of blue liquid lightning in a place between your heart and gut. Picture yourself drawing judiciously from that high-octane fuel as you need it, bringing it first to your heart and then to your brain.

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I hope you are doing well. Thanks for the support.


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