My Favorite Videos … 2016

Here are my favorite videos that I came across in 2016. Enjoy.

10. Cooler Magazine … dog running to the sea … love this video, love this dog.

9. Out of Oz. The original Glenda and Elphaba fro Broadway’s Wicked, Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel, reunite to sing the showstopper, “For Good.” So good.

8. A Taste of Vienna … one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

A Taste of Vienna from FilmSpektakel on Vimeo.

7. Steve Martin … “I Don’t Want to Do This Show”

6. Iggy Pop … “Gardenia”

5. Gary Gulman … amazing one-bit stand-up on Conan

4. David Letterman … gets his beard trimmed in India

David Letterman Gets a Trim from YEARS of LIVING DANGEROUSLY on Vimeo.

3. Amazing dudes walk highline … takes your breath away

2. Tony Hawk lands his final 900 at 48

1. Humpback whales breach while feeding

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