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Rocky Mountain Snyder Family XMAS 14

She looks down at the gas gauge. “Charlie, your gas light is on!?!” Ordinarily, running nearly empty is no big deal. You just get off at the next exit and gas up, but we were in the middle of 76, a highway that traverses a grand expanse of nothingness. There are civilized towns at the beginning and end and nothing in the middle. We were in the middle. We were going to run out of gas in the middle of nowhere.
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A tribute to Twitter and films in 140 characters

I made a list of my favorite film characters, mostly, I know that I’m missing some good ones, but you have to start somewhere. The characters aren’t listed in any particular order until you get to the top 25. Add a comment at the bottom with your favorite characters. Continue reading

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My Favorite Facebook Posts of 2014

My favorite Facebook posts of 2014. #Hilarious247, #PeeInYourPantsFunny. Continue reading

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