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Iranians in America

Afterwards, I ask the Iranian PR person from Washington D.C., what do your guys think of the Pledge and the prayer. I was wondering if they thought we were some kind of nationalistic, jingoistic, religious fanatics. And the PR guy said, not at all, coming from Iran, they all assumed that all Americans were godless heathens. I thought, well not all of us. Continue reading

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To the Camp

The trail gets very rocky closer to the camp. At one point the entire trail was covered in a moving stream of water, which was a little confusing because the snow cap on the mountain top was already melted. Nature, you’ve got to love it. Even closer to the camp you start to see white stones in the trail and there‚Äôs also a fence. Lots of little rock steps and then you see the framed out wood bridge over a little creek leading to the camp bunkhouse. I checked my watch as I crossed the bridge for the first time in years. Continue reading

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